Tuesday, 28 April 2015

An Example of Delegation Style Play

My standard model of running an adventure with a handful of characters is sort of like this.

1 - Referee describes the situation through the characters' senses.
2 - Players ask questions for more information, most of which can be given.
3 - Players take personal action with their character.
4 - Referee resolves the consequences of the action and the aftermath becomes the next situation.

Running a game where the expedition force is a hundred people strong, or you're controlling a large scale business, is similar but different. Mostly because you can't do it all on your own. There are just too many things going on, so you have to divide your attention as best you can and hope you picked the right things to micro-manage.

1 - Referee describes the situation through the medium of another character, we'll call them the Agent. With large-scale play there are going to be multiple things demanding attention at once. Generally this initial piece of information is trustworthy.
2 - Players ask questions directly to the Agent, who may not have all of the answers.
3 - Players either go and manage the situation by hand, meaning they can't do other things, or delegate an action to the Agent, who may perform it imperfectly if they don't pass a Save.
4 - Referee adjudicates the action, but the consequences may not be apparent for some time.

Most often, Agents bring you a difficult choice. Depending on the current situation, and previous actions, this could be a choice between equally good things, or equally bad. The more strain an expedition or enterprise is under, the more likely it is to be the latter.

Agents show their personality, and always work towards their own interests.

Play Example

The group are Toku, Ulric, and Ezekiel. They lead an expedition, three detachments strong (Scout Monks, Heavy Gunners, and Savage Riders), along a narrow mountain road in search of a lost city. The characters travel together and each detachment has a Sergeant that reports to them for orders.

Referee: Alright, so you're taking a short rest to drink some water and speak to your Sergeants. The Monk Sergeant has consulted his god and is certain that you can make it to the city before sunset if you maintain good pace.
Toku: Great, I don't want to spend another night camped up on this mountain.
Referee: He says a blood dance would seal the deal.
Ezekiel: Always the blood dance. Clearly it isn't going to help us get there sooner/
Referee: Yeah, but you already denied them a blood dance at the last camp. They'll certainly be disgruntled if you do it again.
Ulric: How long does the stupid dance take?
Referee: An hour or so, but they're certain that it will actually get you to the city quicker. (The Referee knows that the dance will cause enough delay that they'll have to camp again before reaching the city).
Ezekiel: Remind me again why we have these guys as our scouts?
Toku: They didn't want any pay! I say let them do it.
Ezekiel: Fine, tell them to do their thing and then we'll get moving as quickly as possible.
Referee: He's happy with that. The other two Sergeants aren't as positive. The Gunner Sergeant says he's lost a couple of men to the mountain. He wasn't warned exactly how dangerous this would be.
Ulric: Urgh. This guy. What does he want from us?
Referee: He says that if he could promise his men a proper celebration upon return to Bastion, they'd be a lot more content to risk their lives. Ten Guilders should cover it.
Toku: Forget that! They knew what the risks were.
Ezekiel: They're our strongest fighting detachment, though. We could do with keeping them happy.
Ulric: How about we offer them a compromise. When we get back to Bastion, we'll give all of our expedition a proper feast, and we'll spend a good deal more than 10G!
Toku: (whispering) We won't actually spend that much will we?
Ulric: (whispering) Of course not. We'll deal with that when we get home.
Referee: Well, you send him off to deliver the message to the troops. (The Referee rolls a WIL Save for the Sergeant to see if he keeps them happy. He fails, but the players won't find out the consequences until it really matters. Most likely they'll refuse to fight at the next opportunity).
Ezekiel: And what about the riders?
Referee: The Rider Sergeant looks pretty happy. She reports that they have stumbled upon an item of great interest, but they're holding onto it for now.
Toku: Hey, who's in charge here? Ask what the item is.
Referee: She says it's going to be a great boon to the riders next time they have to fight. She even offers to keep their fee at the current rate, in spite of this clear improvement to their service.
Ezekiel: We should keep an eye on that, but we don't have time to waste bickering with them if we want to make it to the city for sunset.
Ulric: I could go and ride with them.
Referee: You could, but that would mean you can't communicate with the rest of the group as easily, and there's a chance the riders will be unsettled by you watching them.
Ulric: We don't have time for this. Let's just keep her happy for now but watch from afar.
Referee: The Sergeants head back to their detachments and you're ready to move out. Just as soon as the monks are done with their blood dance. You hear the whimper of small animals having their throats cut.

Monday, 27 April 2015


There are stories of people stumbling into made-up places. These aren't real, they're just from novels, paintings, or old wives' tales.

Key Principles of Made Up Places
  1. You can only go there if you know the story. 
  2. They follow dream logic.
  3. Things brought home become more mundane.

Scarytown is a made-up place. Parents tell their children that they'll end up there if they sneak out after dark.

It isn't real.

But if you do sneak out of a window at night, going in search of something you shouldn't have, you might notice things feel different. You always seem to be on the edge of getting where you're trying to go. You only took one book off the shelf and now the house is crumbling. Your paper-cut is bleeding so much that it's flooding the room. Everyone thinks they're helping but they're really just horrible.

The only way back is to run home to bed and hide under the covers.

Key Principles of Scarytown
  1. It teases you with things that you want. 
  2. Negative consequences are grossly amplified.
  3. Something always follows you home.

If you stick around, Roll d20 to see who you stumble into. Everyone can talk, and will at least give the appearance of helping you towards where you're trying to go.

1-3: Budbrother
STR 13, DEX 8, WIL 12, 9hp, Claw (d6), 2 featureless heads budding off at the neck, they remind you of someone. If you talk for too long, one of the new heads will start to sprout a mouth. If you look too long, eyes start to flower.
The new heads want to remove the main head so that they can take control, the old head wants to get rid of the new heads but is compelled to grow more.
1: Trying in vain to remove its featureless heads with a small blunt knife.
2: Under control of one of the featureless heads, and rampaging blindly while the main head is passed out.
3: Yelling into a mirror.

4-6: d6 Willowbacks
STR 5, DEX 16, WIL 12, 5hp, Scratching Sticks (d6), removes chunks of flesh with a touch), hunched backs and woody hair.
Wants to find a safe place to hide, collect books, and punish those that don't take them seriously.
4: Looking for visitors to warn about the hazards of Scarytown, but only giving terrible guidance.
5: Using their scratching sticks to torment a mad horse.
6: Pulling down an impossibly large tree on top of an old house.

7-9: Teddiorg
STR 16, DEX 5, WIL 5, 3hp, Black Hole in Mouth (d8, annihilation on Critical Damage), beady eyes, bloated bear body, rumbling voice.
Wants to guide you to the thing you desire, then devour it before you can get it.
7: Tearing apart a building.
8: Carrying the corpse of a boy to his grave.
9: Bellowing out an invitation to a lavish feast, which he'll annihilate once anyone accepts.

10-12: Rock Queen
STR 8, DEX 11, WIL 14, 6hp, Grab and Bite (d6), withered old body, long teeth.
Wants to hide away from the worst bits of Scarytown and genuinely help visitors from Bastion.
10: Running from a horrible creature.
11: Digging a hole in the ground to sleep in.
12: Building a tiny model version of Bastion.

13-14: d4 Wall Witches
Appear as an indented face on stone walls. Speak in whispers. If anyone touches them the Wall Witch is absorbed into their being and will live within them until they put them on a wall in Bastion.
13: Whisper-singing to a crowd of snails crawling over them.
14: Pretending to be visitors trapped in the wall.

15-16: Moon Drone
STR 7, DEX 18, WIL 18, 5hp, floating spherical body, impossible to view from side or back.
Wants to convince you to make poor choices and watch the consequences.
15: Floating towards you to try and drive you back into something bad.
16: Carefully picking the meat off a human corpse.

17-18: Sugar-Bush
STR 15, DEX 0, WIL 0, 5hp. Thorny branches with cotton-candy-like coating, soft whisper. Anyone crawling into the bush loses d6 WIL each turn as they feel themselves crushed by immense air pressure. The only way out is if the bush chooses to release you.
Wants to lure passers by into its briers, or trick them into thinking they can destroy it (all efforts cause the bush to spread).
17: Rustling as it devours an animal that's strayed inside.
18: Mimicking a call for help from inside its body.

19-20: Doppleganger
A copy of someone you know, but they act in an exaggerated way.
Wants to make your time in Scarytown as stressful as possible.
19: Looking for the same thing that you're looking for.
20: In possession of the thing you're looking for, or the path to your destination, but utterly unwilling to help you.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mock Fellows and Mock Life

Mock Fellows are the human equivalent to Mock Animals. Although built for purpose, they're too susceptible to slapstick outbreaks to be truly useful.

They  have all the usual properties of a Mockery:
- They are made out of cloth, wood, metal, and clay, so practically any damage is repairable.
- They talk and sing, but tend towards base intelligence.
- They do not need to eat or sleep, and are unaffected by alcohol and disease, but pretend as part of their life imitation.
- Real animals hate them. Children love them, unless they're horrifying.

Roll d8 for a Mock Fellow. Ability Scores are 10 unless noted otherwise.
1 - Mock Infant - STR 2, DEX 2, WIL 5, 1hp. Pearl eyes and clay skin. Wants to sleep, eat, and cry.
2 - Mock Concierge - 4hp. Tiny waxed mustache, service trolley filled with silly items (giant comb, prosthetic leg, bomb, Mock Suckling Pig on a Platter). Wants to tend to the needs of guests, while pocketing some valuables for himself for an eventual retirement.
3 - Mock Legion - Detachment, 5hp, Mini-Muskets (d6), pit helmets. Want to be taken seriously as a fighting force, and travel to far off lands.
4 - Mock Advocate - 3hp, WIL 20. Powdered wig, feather-stuffing leaking out of a bloated belly. Wants to disagree with any point made by anyone, and present controversial opinions.
5 - Mock Spirit - 5hp. Dusty chains (d6). Wants to warn wicked people away from their current path

6 - Mock Giant - STR 18, DEX 4, 10hp, Armour 1. Towering fuzzy body. Wants to use his great strength to help the people, but is incredibly clumsy and stupid.
7 - Mock Barber - 8hp. Four Heads, Cane and Razor (d8) Stripy Felt Body. Wants to sing and shave.
8 - Mock Urchin - STR 5, 2hp. Wants to appear pitiful to gather money for her owner.

Mock Life
Nobody agrees on what brings Mockeries to life. Mockeries don't remember being brought to life, and have little memory of how old they are.

Roll d12 for a common explanation. Maybe one is the truth. Maybe they all are. Maybe none.
1 - Gestation inside a female undergoing phantom pregnancy.
2 - Soaking in a blend of oils from deep-sea creatures.
3 - Wishing upon a star.
4 - An Arcanum underground that's so big anyone can invoke it if they know the right ritual.
5 - A living brain from a suitable being.
6 - The last breath of a person dying of natural causes.
7 - Kiss of a Cosmic Angel.
8 - Playing specific music, lighting the right configuration of candles, applying makeup and dressing in the burial clothes of an infant.
9 - A year spent with a child who already sees them as alive.
10 - Marriage to an already living Mockery.
11 - Small parts found inside other Mockeries.
12 - A complex system of gears and crystals that crumble on death.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Choose Your Own Oddventure

Hate Player Agency? Got no one to play with? Miss peeking ahead to cheat at a solitaire game?

This is so terrible I'm not even going to invoke my Patreon Supporters for it.

Roll 3d6 for your STR and start with only your fists (d4) for defense.

In Combat you take turns to attack (roll your weapon's damage, the target loses that much STR) or flee (roll 4+ on d6, or else you wasted your turn). You always get first turn. At STR 0 you die.

Start at 1.

  1. You wake up in a puddle and have no idea how you got here. Bastion is smoggy, hot, and rainy all at once. If you stay in the puddle Goto 5. If you get up and explore Goto d6+1.
  2. Your reflection looks back at you before leaping out of the puddle and attacking you. If you win or get away Goto d6+5
  3. You pass a drinking fountain, and it smells real bad. If you drink some Goto d6+10, otherwise Goto 7.   
  4. A voice comes from a sewer hole. You look down and it's yourself, but horribly warty and green. They throw a brick at you for d6 damage and flee. Goto d6+4.  
  5. Somebody throws a brick at you from the rooftop! Take d6 damage and Goto d6+4
  6. You're drawn into a coffee shop by the smell of percolation. Poets are shouting at each other. To order a coffee Goto 25 to go and explore the other shops Goto 26. 
  7. The Sun's out, to take a walk Goto 17, to run for cover Goto d6+18.
  8. It starts raining really hard. To stay out in it, Goto 18, to run for cover Goto d6+18.
  9. Down a tunnel, into a sewer. Someone throws a brick out of the darkness for d6 damage. If you chase then you find a soggy Mock Monkey (STR 10, d6 Bite, no eyes) fumbling around in the dark. If you let it follow you up to the surface Goto 14, if you kill it or leave it Goto 17.  
  10. You've found your way home, but it's on fire! Too late to save anything. Oh well, If this has already happened, Goto 26, otherwise Goto 8. 
  11. A bit of your face turns to stone and falls off. If you've already been here, your whole head turns to rock and you die. Otherwise, Goto d6+18 
  12. Argh! It had a poop in it! Take d4 damage as you vomit and Goto d6+18. 
  13. You get x-ray vision for a minute and then it passes. Goto d6+18.
  14. There's an alien voice. If you answer it, Goto 26, otherwise Goto d6+18.
  15. A clump of skin falls off your face. If you poke at it Goto 11, otherwise Goto d6+18.
  16. Pretty tasty. Like a peach. Goto 17
  17. You're feeling pretty good, so you take a break. Recover all lost STR and Goto d6+18.
  18. The sound of the rain on the rooftops is pretty soothing, until lightning strikes the ground next to you and a gutter pipe falls down and whacks you on the head for d6 damage. You stagger about before collapsing. Goto 1.  
  19. A begger on the street has a froggy head, he looks pretty pitiful. You can beat him up if you like (STR 5, d4 fists, Goto 26 if you kill him) or throw him a coin and Goto 25. 
  20.  There's a shard of metal on the floor. Might be good in a fight (d6 damage). Goto 26. 
  21. Someone is whistling from the rooftop. To call out to them, Goto 5, otherwise Goto 26.  
  22. There's an escaped Bull (STR 16, d8 Gore) running through the street! If you kill it Goto 8. If you flee from it, Goto 7. 
  23. The ground around you collapses and you're plunged into the Underground! Take d6 damage from the fall. If you climb back to the surface Goto 26. If you stay down here Goto 9.  
  24. Where is this place... you're pretty lost. If you try to find someone to ask for directions Goto 5, if you try to go it alone Goto d20+2. 
  25. You use the last of your money. If you've already been here, d6 Thugs (STR 15, d6 Brassknuckles) come out to beat you for your debt. Otherwise, Goto d6+4.
  26. Lights in the sky grow brighter... then blast the city with radiant light. Take d20 damage. If you survive Goto d6+25. 
  27. There's a woosh of air and everything is as it was. Goto d6+1.  
  28. A floating craft appears in the sky, and throws a brick at you for d6 damage. If you survive Goto 31.  
  29. The city itself is lifted into the air. Take d10 damage as buildings crumble around you. If you survive Goto 31.  
  30. A wave of slime washes out of the Underground, take d12 damage. If you survive Goto 31.  
  31. You feel your body surge with power. Increase all Ability Scores to 20 and become a demigod. VICTORY! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Goal, Plans, and Itches

Everyone has a Goal, and a Plan. Their big mission in life is to fulfil their Goal and they will do this through their Plan. This gives you the core of how an NPC is going to act most of the time.

They also have an Itch. This shows you something they're secretly longing for on the side. They might even be more equipped to achieve this than their other goals, but there's some reason it just isn't a viable thing for them to focus their lives around. It's something you could probably leverage to get them to do something you want, or to temporarily abandon their other goals. It might even subtly underlie every action they do.

For context,take one of the Cosmic Angels I posted earlier this week. Important part is underlined.

Metal Skull - Infinity-Slug-Gun (d10, blasts through any material), mechanically armoured body (1), exposed metal skull with long silver hair. Wants to dissect powerful beings to help perfect her form.

This gives us our Goal and Plan, and it's easy to see how these fit together.

Goal - Achieve the perfect physical form.
Plan - Dissect powerful beings.

We don't know her Itch, so we'll make one up. Remembering this should sit at an angle, let's make it completely separate to her drive for physical power. Let's say she wants to Understand Emotions. It fits with her being mechanical and analytic, but gives scope to convince her against cutting you open. Maybe one day she'll know why you cry.

Goal - Achieve the perfect physical form.
Plan - Dissect powerful beings.
Itch - Understand Emotions.

Now, turn it into a sentence of plain talk, because we don't want to turn this into some horrible statblock thing. This is typically "Wants to [goal] by [plan], and [itch].

Metal Skull - Infinity-Slug-Gun (d10, blasts through any material), mechanically armoured body (1), exposed metal skull with long silver hair. Wants to achieve the perfect physical form by dissecting powerful individuals, and to understand emotions.

In this case it's a subtle change, but gives the character more hooks for interaction.

If you're low on ideas, Roll d20 three times, duplicates move up the table.
  1. Fulfil base urges.  
  2. Protect loved ones.  
  3. Dominate others. 
  4. Discover a greater truth.  
  5. Serve a worthy power.  
  6. Make contact with cosmic beings.  
  7. Find peace.  
  8. Enact a petty revenge.  
  9. Serve justice.  
  10. Build a legacy.  
  11. Destroy rivals. 
  12. Recover powerful Arcana. 
  13. Gain wealth.  
  14. Win the approval of the masses. 
  15. Become the best in a field.   
  16. Help the weak.  
  17. Seek entertainment. 
  18. Survive at any cost. 
  19. Write off a debt or shame.  
  20. Win the approval of a superior.
So a random roll might give you.

Goal: Protect loved ones. 
Plan: Build a Legacy. 
Itch: Win the approval of a superior. 

Protecting loved ones by building a legacy isn't a great fit, so we'll have to get creative. Maybe it's not physical or financial protection, but protecting them from the shame of him being a nobody. So he's obsessed with building up a good reputation. The Itch could be built into this, but should sit at an angle. Let's say he idolises a hero that already has a legacy of their own. 

Finally we can apply this sentence to an otherwise blank slate character rolled as a new PC, and they have almost-instant motivation. 

Junas Fox
STR 10, DEX 12, WIL 8, 4hp. Pistol (d6), Toxin-Immune, Rocket. 
Wants to make his son proud by becoming a renowned explorer, and meet the legendary Captain Sham Barridge. 

Non-Alien Cult Idols

Not everything is aliens.

 These cults base themselves on a site of great importance to their idol, and interfere in the lives of people that don't see their idol as a holy thing but just a thing. 

For every Cult there is at least one splinter group that believe they're worshiping their idol in the wrong way, and another that think idolising the thing at all is unholy.

Roll d100 to find out what a Cult idolises. It's up to you whether their idol is a legitimate higher power or not.

  1. A brightly coloured frog. 
  2. The concept of hunger and what it drives people to do. 
  3. A huge golden baby statue.  
  4. Another cult, who hate them.  
  5. The darkness between streetlamps.  
  6. Streetlamps.  
  7. The act of idolatry.  
  8. Peaceful discussion and tea.  
  9. Angry mobs, bigger means more holy.   
  10. Anyone who ever claims to have ruled Bastion in equal measure. 
  11. A very specific type of sweet wine.
  12. The process of carpentry. 
  13. Huge elk that live in the coldest parts of Deep Country.
  14. Their glass cathedral. 
  15. Triangles.
  16. Gunpowder.
  17. Scar-Maps.
  18. Kickboxing. 
  19. Absolute Nothingness.
  20. A set of symbols on an old rock that nobody can agree on the meaning of.
  21. Anything that can burn, but not the act of burning.
  22. Massacres.
  23. Every set of genitals in the world.
  24. Cloud Patterns.
  25. The gutter.
  26. Cosmetic Surgery.
  27. Smells, the more potent the better.
  28. Toxic flower extracts.
  29. Gruel.
  30. An obsolete pipe network underneath the city.
  31. Walls.
  32. Glass-blowing.
  33. Being beaten with sticks of bamboo.
  34. Great feats of strength.
  35. An ancient solved board-game.
  36. Answering a question with a question. 
  37. Anything that comes in a matched pair.
  38. Smashing things under a massive weight.
  39. The way oil separates from water.
  40. Monotone Singing.
  41. Properly written letters of complaint.
  42. Looking at things under microscope.
  43. Walking through a pool of treacle.
  44. Taxes.
  45. Guard Brutality.
  46. Net-Weaving.
  47. Telling exaggerated stories about distant lands.
  48. Broken compasses.
  49. Personal Hygiene. 
  50. Tiny blue berries that grow underground.
  51. A fossilised ape skeleton. 
  52. Over-feeding animals. 
  53. Crusty old man strapped to a chair.  
  54. The destruction of other cults.  
  55. Shadows cast by moonlight.  
  56. Disguising one's appearance.  
  57. Disproving other cults.  
  58. Drunken arguments.  
  59. Tiny animals, the smaller the more holy.   
  60. The recently dead from natural causes.  
  61. A bitter root that makes disgusting tea.
  62. Melting things. 
  63. Electric eels.
  64. A that they know has no significance, but that's sort of the point. 
  65. Smooth edges.
  66. The process of smoke-drying things.
  67. The cries of newborns.
  68. Blood-letting. 
  69. Literally everything.
  70. A set of holy numbers.
  71. Putting out fires.
  72. Mass syncronised births.
  73. Extracted brains.
  74. Staring into the sun until your eyes hurt and you start to see blurred things.
  75. The wealthy.
  76. The aging process.
  77. Cheese rind.
  78. Fragrant herbs.
  79. Caviar.
  80. The pattern formed by the road and canal network.
  81. Anything found underground.
  82. Building sand sculptures.
  83. Rubbing nettles on yourself and not being allowed to scratch.
  84. Mathematical prowess. .
  85. A game that seems to have entirely different rules each time.
  86. Only ever saying Yes or No. 
  87. Completely unique items, which turns out to be almost everything.
  88. Creating tiny models of things.
  89. Boiling things.
  90. Manic screeching and banging of drums.
  91. Vigilante Justice.
  92. Looking down at the world from a great height.
  93. Going deep underwater.
  94. Charity.
  95. Proper etiquette.
  96. Releasing captive animals to the wild.
  97. Calling people out on lies.
  98. Convincing people to go into the Polar Ocean to die.
  99. Becoming filthier and filthier. 
  100. Ridiculous outfits.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cosmic Angels

The Terror-Stones show three groups of six beings falling from the stars and performing terrible deeds in the name of their group's single Virtue. Since then there have been scattered sightings and hearsay, and the stones have inspired the Angel's Imperative cult. Followers dress as poor imitations of their favoured Angel.

All Angel's have 25hp and Ability Scores of 18.

Glory-Angels - We Must Win.
Final Corpse - Huge Blunted Sword (d10), Glorious Red Armour (1), Skeletal form with tattered wings, Wants to duel and eat those she defeats.
Ashkan - Mercury Maul (d10, can turn to burning liquid metal at will), Charred Green Armour (1), horrible black lizard face. Wants to absorb more metal into his maul and gather heavily armed followers.
Metal Skull - Infinity-Slug-Gun (d10, blasts through any material), mechanically armoured body (1), exposed metal skull with long silver hair. Wants to dissect powerful beings to help perfect her form.
Father Vocal - Spike-pistol (d6), Crimson Star-Adorned Armour (1), Enlightenment Scepter (d8, causes false visions of paradise on a willing recipient, or on Critical Damage), followed by d6 Mindless Acolyte Hordes (3hp, Clubs d6, Rags). Wants to be worshiped and followed without question.
Deep Mimic - Arsenal-Shard (d8, can reshape to any weapon), Green multi-limbed suit (1) for their conjoined-form, synchronised voices of young girls, one of the mass can split free for an hour at a time, but is mostly defenseless (3hp, STR 6). Wants to spread influence and eventually kill other angels so that one of her form can split free to take their place.
Blue Giant - Golden Mace (d10), Colossal Form (Armour 2), Cruel Eye Charm (shows a willing target how they will die unless they change their ways), near perfect telepathy, floating throne. Wants to test and improve his powers and eventually put an end to the constant war of the other Angels.

War-Angels - We Must Fight. 
Hammer Queen - Big Golden Hammer (d10), Huge Golden Armour and Shield (2), Colossal Golden Mane, can raise golden walls out of the ground at will, Wants to drive the other Angels off what she sees as her planet.
Paragon - Father-Hand (d10 Fist, d8 Lightning-Gun, suspends victim in Stasis on Critical Damage) Blue Stone Armour (1), Wants to unite the other Angels to a greater battle in the stars.
Grey Savage - Fanged Sword (d8), Grey Fur Armour (1), Bestial Fangs and Senses. Wants to journey into the harshest wilderness to find her ultimate battle.
Slaughter King - Brass Axe-Cannon (d10 melee, d8 sputtering bullet-fire) White and Red Spiked Armour (1), can barely string two words together between shouting. Wants to fight the ultimate battle forever.
Besieger - Wrecking Cannon (d12, fires a single ball that can be summoned back to her, striking everything in its path) Black and Silver Plate-Suit (2), Personal Iron Chariot (10hp, Armour 3) pulled by a pack of huge metal burrowing-insects (6hp, Armour 2, d6 jaws). Wants to bring down the tallest towers and thickest walls she can find. 
Perfection - Scream-Beam (d10, Ignore Armour), glittering sword (d8), Gaudy white and pink armour (1), Short-range prescience. Wants to keep the angels fighting amongst themselves waiting for a moment of weakness to betray them.

Death-Angels - All Must Die. 
Killer Bird - Metal talons in place of hands (d10), Black and white jet-pack armour (1), can pass from one shadow to another at will. Wants to strike the other Angels when they show weakness.
Black Tiger - Energy-Pistol (d8, melts things), Stone Sword (d8), Black Masked Armour (1), Book of names of people that know too much, limited telepathy. Wants to kill those who seek to learn to much, and protect herself.
Thunderchild - Jagged Sword (d8), White Armour, Red Cloak, and Glowing Muscle-Steed (Armour 2), Can move as fast as lightning when the sun's in the right position. Wants to kill those that run away from their duty, or from her.
Death-in-Waiting - Poison Gas Gun (All within cloud lose d6 STR per turn and turn all gross) Pale green chain-armour with copper plates (1), Can see death approaching new victims, and diseases in the air. Wants to find a way to destroy all life once and for all, taking on her new title as Lady Death.
Warlord - Golden Pincers (d10), Grey armour adorned with red eyes (1, sees in all directions), Always knows the location of the other Angels. Wants to destroy the Sun.
Terror Ghost - Lightning-Rod (d8, ignore armour), Absolute Black Armour (1, anyone looking for more than a turn loses d6 WIL), Can conjure bat-like swarms out of shadows to distract or terrify. Wants to kill the wicked first, then everyone else, then himself.